What a wonderful year it’s been! Looking back on all of the amazing families, organizations and business we have had the opportunity to work with, we are truly thankful.

Art workshops with the Minnesota Youth Community.

Stamp art activity provided at the Minnesota Youth Community art show held at the Depot in Hopkins, MN

Workshop with the clients from the Irreducible Grace Foundation held at at The Wellstone Center. The clients were guided through the process of printmaking as they created cards for any occasion.

Watercolor workshop with Wendy’s Wonderful Kids: creating a space for foster children and their potential adoptive families, to work collaboratively in a non-threatening environment.

Classes and Mini Samplers for ages 12mo- 3yrs with caregiver at kiddywampus.

The Juneteenth celebration in the Minnesota Historical Society booth providing family fun and a little history education. All ages participated in the creation of a hand held flag highlighting the story of African American leaders.

Art activities offered at the Twin Cities Mobile Jazz Project put the music in the children’s hands by creating colorful shakers.

Artfulu celebrated the launch of Foster Art Company with an art exhibit and sale to benefit Foster Children and offered an all ages art project based on the work of Matisse.

Artfulu provided artful fun for the whole family at a Baby Loves Disco event.

In partnership with Foster Art Company, Artfulu has held many art workshops to benefit foster children ranging from print making and collage to watercolor and acrylic workshops. Ages of participants ranging from ages 2 and up.

Artfulu offers workshops with Foster Art Company

“Through this collaboration Artfulu hopes to give children of all ages, the opportunity to be stewards for their peers and their community. It truly takes a village.”

-Emily L. Taylor

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