Group classes and Private lessons customized for you and your friends and family

Classes are designed to be offered as individual or as a recommended six class session. Your commitment is up to you!

Schedule a private lesson, or gather your friends and we will bring the class to a space of your choosing.

We provide the materials and clean up the mess! All materials used can be tailored to fit the needs of your space! So no worries about ruining carpets, floors, tables, etc. Take a look at the class descriptions offered below and contact Artfulu to schedule your customized art class or event!

Call 612-749-1430 for more information.

Class offerings: 

Drawing/Painting Beginnings (recommended six sessions- 2 hours each)

Learn all about the various tools you will use to create beautiful works of art. Explore various shading techniques, learn how to create the illusion of volume and have fun with drawing and or painting exercises to improve visual focus.

Drawing/Painting Beyond the Basics (recommended six sessions- 2 hours each)

Use concepts such as one and two point perspective to create three dimensional images, employ the use of the pencil/brush as a means to measure and compare shapes, practice seeing positive and negative shapes and more!

Drawing/Painting Advanced Concepts (recommended six sessions- 2 hours each)

Learn the stages of “The process”, learn how to edit your compositions using thumbnail sketches, discover the meaning of aerial perspective and how to use it to enhance your focal point. All that and more in order to help you develop your unique perspective.

Drawing/Painting and Beyond (recommended six sessions- 2 hours each)

Take your drawings/Paintings to a new level by incorporating new media. Explore charcoal, pen and ink, pastels, or colored pencil, all dry and water based media welcome! We will use select works of the masters as inspiration to create unique art pieces.

Private Watercolor Lessons Now Available! (recommended six sessions- 2 hours each)

Learn the absolute basics. Get to know how to set up your palette, what paints to buy, what brushes to use when and many of the beginning watercolor techniques, while painting a variety of subjects with my step by step guidance.

Or, for those people that are looking for a more advanced approach to painting with watercolors- work from subjects of your choosing and gain the benefit of one on one guidance from a professional watercolor artist.

Schedule your lesson with Artfulu!

Available hours:

Mondays- 5-9pm

Tuesdays- 9am-2pm

Thursdays- 5-9pm

Fridays- 5-9pm

Saturdays/Sundays- available times vary. Call or email to request a time for your class or event.

  • Contact Artfulu to requested a date and time.
  • Reservations are not final until of 10% of payment has been received. Credit card payment accepted via Paypal.
  • Full refunds will be given for cancellations made up to one week prior to the date of your class or party.
  • In the case of special circumstances arising that result in the inability to fulfill a reservation, credit may be given to be used at a later date.

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