Fall Inspired Notecards

kids have fun learning how to use texture and contrast, to create beautiful pieces of art

leaf art

It’s a matter of creating layers. We worked in three stages, building the image one layer at a time, each layer doing a very specific job.

Layer one is loose and fun:

On a piece of watercolor paper cut to size (depends on the size of your note card), create simple leaf shapes large or small, one or many, using washable markers. Add lines and details with as many colors as you like to both the leaf shapes and the background (we used decorative silk leaves for inspiration.) Then spray with water using a spray bottle. Let the colors mix and spread covering the entire paper with soft tones. Let dry (we started our next drawing while the first dried.)

Layer two is all about the lead character:

After the paper has dried, using permanent markers, re-define and outline important shapes and add patterns and other detail. Before starting, decide what is most important in the drawing and focus attention on those parts, letting less important elements fade into the background. Use primarily darker colors to start building contrast, but use bright colors to enhance areas that get a little too soft or muddy. Adding a dark border to frame the pieces, gives them a more finished look.

Layer three makes the images pop:

Using white oil pastels, add stark white detail to add contrast to the dark outlines. Not too much! A little goes a long way. Lastly, glue the artwork to the notecard.

With these three steps the kids learn how to create depth with contrast (in light, texture, and color), and learn about creating order and interest, by designating a focal point and its supporting cast.


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