Paper and Paperclip Skeletons

big skeletonmini skeleton

Using simple supplies, you and your family can make whimsical, moveable figures and (for the sake of Halloween) skeletons!

how to

I pre-cut heavy weight drawing paper into 3″x 2.5 ” rectangles.


Scissors, Hole punch, Paper, ribbon or string for hanging, maybe markers for color, and a bunch of jumbo paperclips.

Step 1: For the little ones, using our body as reference, we counted four limbs, a body and a head, then loosely cut out shapes to represent each part. For the older kids and adults you can get as detailed as you like;) You can tailor the project to fit even the littlest art explorers by having them practice cutting non-representational shapes.

Step 2: Next is the part where you can get goofy with color and/or designs. Use markers to draw bones, eyes, mouth and any other details you like.

Step 3: To join all of the pieces you’ll need to lay out the figure to line up the parts that will be connected. To make it easier to punch the holes in the right spot, I suggest making a dot with a marker where the hole should go. Make sure you don’t punch the hole too close to the edge!

Step 4: Last you attach the paperclips. One paper clip for each body part, then link them all together. For the little art explorers, use chenille stems cut down to about 3″. Make a V, slide it through one piece and then through the adjoining piece. Twist the ends of the chenille stem together to form a loop and you’re done!

You can hang them directly on a nail or hook, or use a ribbon or string to hang them from.

Tip: These are a great beginning to really cool marionettes!!

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