Halloween weaving activity- for kids ages 2-6 and up!


Spider Web Mobile

Encourage ingenuity and creativity in your child.  You and your child can have weaving fun creating spiderwebs using sturdy paper plates and colorful yarn. Add a little extra fun, by offering large beads to string on the yarn as they weave. Turn the beads into little spiders or whacky bugs by adding bits of chenille stems as legs. Top the beads off with googly eyes and really bring the bugs to life!

The Spider/bugs:

  • Its as simple as sliding sections of chenille stems through the hole of a bead so that there is an even length on either side.
  • Bend the chenille stem to look like bends in the legs.
  • Add the googly eyes for a finishing touch.
  • Hook one of the chenille stems around the yarn of the web to secure it to the mobile.

The Web:

  • Start by cutting half inch slits all the way around the edge of a paper plate, spaced about two inches apart. Next cut a manageable piece of yarn for your child to use for threading across and around the plate.
  • Put a knot in one end of the yarn.
  • Slide the knotted end into one of the slits and have your child stretch the yarn across the plate to any of the other slits creating a line.
  • Slide the yarn into the slit and again have your child stretch the yarn across the opposite side of the plate to any of the other slits. You will be flipping the plate back and forth creating a two sided web. Add beads as you go (looks like little bugs on a web), for a little kinetic fun!
  • Now let your child have fun with it! They can tangle the yarn as much as they want (messy spider;), wrapping it around other sections of yarn as they stretch it from one slit to another.
  • When the thread runs out, tie a knot and have them begin again with a new length of yarn. You can trim off the extra yarn or let it dangle and add a baby spider:)
  • When you and your child are satisfied with the web, add the spider by tying it to the end of the remaining string and let it hang.

Create little critters and webs with these simple supplies:

Sturdy paper plate (cheaper plates will bend as you wrap the web around it- could adapt plastic lids or cardboard circles)




Small Beads

Large beads

Chenille stems (pipe cleaners)

Googly eyes (optional)

Goopy glue (part Elmer’s glue and part Tacky glue) not too drippy and not too sticky! (optional)

Helpful Tips:

If your child is having trouble stringing the yarn through the beads, try wrapping the end of the yarn with a piece of tape.

Offer suggestions and allow them to explore the materials in their own unique way.

Adapt the activity to fit with your child’s abilities. Assign a “job” to your little one: as you wrap the yarn, they add the beads. Or, let them make a wacky tangled web and goopy glued bugs, that you can attach at the end. Most importantly, have fun together!!

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