Easy artsy outdoor fun- for all ages

Painting with Chalk

Get outside with the kids and relax with this easy but fun activity:

Sidewalk chalk is so much more fun when paired with a wet surface. Let that surface be anything…a tree trunk, a stone, a wall, stairs, fence, etc. Have the kids drop the chalk into a bucket of water, then have them wet down the sidewalk or any surface that is easily washable with a large paintbrush and water. Now they’re ready to paint with chalk! Try having the kids mix the colors with a brush or use their fingers. Blending and layering makes the chalk paintings bolder and brighter. Or you can skip the chalk and just let your child paint with water. Watch what happens to each surface when it gets wet. Most importantly, just let the kids have fun experimenting and exploring their world in a new way.


Water bucket

Large paint brushes

Sidewalk Chalk

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